Ángel Díaz


The very hands-on attitude towards business and industry is what distinguishes the philosophy of Angel Díaz Matalobos, whether that’s applied to his teaching, writing or research. “I believe that in the business we have to be practical,” he says. “You need a conceptual framework, but this framework has to work in the real world.”

It was his time spent working in industry and the private sector - including experience as a maintenance manager for a water supply system, consulting contracts in the oil, steel and aluminium industries as well as a stint with the Venezuelan metro system - that gave Prof Díaz many of his insights into the implementation of not only of Operations Management and Logistics but also of Information Technology.

“What’s really interesting is to realise that every implementation has two sides,” he says. “On is technical and involves processes, and the other is organisational. And you shouldn’t take these apart - you need an integrated view of the organisation.”

And his views on operations management, logistics and information technology systems, have been aired in more than 40 publications - among them the International Journal of Logistics and the European Journal of Operations Research - as well as in his three books. But if Prof Díaz is a prolific writer, he also has extensive teaching experience, having taught in at least 13 countries.